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About Self-discipline

My prefered passageway towards achievement is self-discipline. Throughout my career, I bias my efforts towards action. I seek clarity and look to make informed and rational decisions with the intent to minimize business or project risk. With priority in mind, I seek to diffuse stress and clear obsticles to help drive and meet daily duties.

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About Empathy

Culture, group beliefs and individual desires can define various levels of success. My day-to-day experience with business and people success is not achievable without true empathy. I believe growth comes from learning about people's authenticity, personal goals and everyday struggles. To be in-tune can shape and transform overarching personal growth and business success.

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Me & Innovation

With the Vidaa product line reaching over 48 million homes Internationally, it is fair to conclude that innovation requires imagination, vision, communication and program risk management. As a recent contributer of hardware and software related patents, I'm greatful of my career opportunities and accomplishments across the digital mediums and its devices. Where possible, I welcome innovation and look forward to making greater and even more meaningful changes.

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To Be Pragmatic & Adaptive

Technology projects are flat out difficult and preloaded with uncertainties — but always achievable. To be pragmatic and adaptive is my prefered approach towards 'technical and design sustainability'. It allows me to pivot forward, drive project needs and negotiate intent without dismantling product integrity.

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Yes To Efficiency

Team and business environments that are efficient are highly desirable to me; but also difficult to find. Efficiency is an instrumental part of my life and I'm happy to bring it to any office. I'm known to establish a process and dismantle a process with the intent to build faceted views and patterns that allow people to work smarter and not harder.

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To Be Creative & Analytical

My experience as an executive team member, was to help/guide management and staff towards an effective business decisions. I believe to deconstruct effectively and study a problem before proposing improvements. Having a creative but analytical mind allows me to investigate a problem-set and expose stable approaches and potential outcomes in a way others may find troublesome.

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