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AI Powered TV

An AI Powered TV experience with intelligent voice guidance, image recognition, AI logic and presence detection opportunities. Tv vision leverages "Multi-Dimensional Awareness" using voice, gender, people awareness, usage awareness, device awareness, content awareness, space awareness, location awareness and trending data awareness.

Hisense Vidaa U3

Slated for the international market, the VIDAA U simplifies the traditional smart TV user interface with a one dimensional ribbon design. It's key feature allows users with the ability to fully customise what sources or apps to be rapidly displayed on a single menu. The VIDAA U can feature various global partners which is dependant on the target market; of which and thereafter is managed by the end-user. Based on remote controls and models the TV software also required onscreen menus whereby we generated the design (interaction models, visual design and motion design) and detailed specifications.

Hisense Smart Frames

One of many TV concept features used to drive Hisense International TV's product value. Concept involved social app api integration with various meta data sources and and user social network data. The experience included the notion of a social network remote control.

Hisense VIDAA 4 Launcher Design

Hisense VIDAA 4 Prototype used to flush out the handling of VOD content and promotion clusters.

Hisense Launcher Design Concept

Hisense VIDAA 4 Prototype used to flush out the progressive disclosure of content related actions and Smarthome interactivity and personalizations.

Capacitive Touch Motion Study

Capacitive touch motion study.

IMERJ Dual Screen Phone

The first 3 in 1 Phone with Dual Screen and Mini Tablet Capability. The phone unfolded and provided the ability to multitask between single and dual screen applications.

Dual screen apps could extend to fill both screens via a gesture area or automatically "drop" and expand into position by rotating the phone clockwise/counter clockwise. Switching and moving apps was handled through an offscreen gesture zone that was tuned to react to different types of touch events. When in dual screen, slowly moving a finger in a horizontal direction triggered the dual screen app to expand into the second screen — turning the two screen experience, into a tablet like experience. Quick finger movements in the same gesture zone (flick's), glided the app over to the second screen to then reveal independant app stacks.

The phone featured a full-size QWERTY touch screen keyboard that could be used in any orientation. Pressing a specific activation key displayed a sticky row of SmartKeys that would later become customizable. The row of keys could be moved in either horizontal direction to reveal additional SmartKeys.

Irwin Toy Banner Ad Games

Designed for Irwin Toy, the banner ads featured product related experiences that upon reaching a specific score, a secret section to download branded content was revealed. Engagement and education for branded pages that featured the interactive ads increased dramatically and became a common technique to further expose product related value.