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A little about the guy in the picture.

Currently self-employed under the trade name Monk 72, Alex provides design related services to Creative and Digital Marketing Agencies. Prior to Monk 72, Alex successfully operated as the VP of Product Design and User Experience for Hisense's Canadian Design and Technology R&D Studio — creators of the VIDAA TV; and the first ever dual screen foldable phone — Imerj Dual Screen Phone (Flextronics). Alex performed an essential role by establishing innovations and seeing them through to completion. He actively shaped and transformed people's development towards greater levels of self-fufillment and product readiness.

Noted by companies like Jamdeo, Flextronics, Sapient and Cyberplex, he is a multidisciplinary leader capable of exposing 20+ years of digital design and creative governance. Securing his ability for innovation, product experience and design, Alex’s recent accomplishments between Flextronics and Jamdeo have him mentioned in 80+ mobile and smart TV/multiscreen related patents. With the Hisense VIDAA system winning the most innovative technology of the year and with over 17.7M VIDAA TV units in China and 2.8M VIDAA U TV units Internationally, it is fair to say Alex generates positive business impact.

Client and Customer Brands
Product, Customer and Client List

Rooted in Design, he is a trusted adviser to the many facets of operations, business leadership, staff management, product design execution and consumer journey creation. "Design is a tool that is never arbitrary; it applies to business practices just as much as it applies to design artistry." affirms Alex.

Alex's ability to lead, direct, deconstruct and distill complexity, is profound and due to the various mediums in which he has experienced. The cross pollination of all things digital makes him a first-rate governing leader.

His ability to grow and build strong functional teams has been unprecedented and demonstrated with the standing up of UX Groups across three successful company start-ups; Cyberplex, Imerj and Jamdeo. His work experience encompasses TV OS Design, TV App Design, IoT Innovation, Mobile Application Design, Remote Control Consulting, Motion Studies, Vendor Account Management; Corporate and branded web programs, E-commerce implementations, micro-sites, banner ad games and promotions.

The suite of his efforts span across clients like Hisense International, Hisense China, Sprint USA, TD Canada Trust, The Brick, WalMart Canada, Royal Bank of Canada and Rogers Media. Other great clients like McNeil Consumer Health Care, Shoppers Drug Mart, Inbev, Chapters, Irwin Toy, Handspring, Bell Mobility, Labatts and the Ford Motor Company have also benefited from Alex’s leadership and delivery.

Prior to his growth at Jamdeo, Alex was an Associate Creative Director based out of Sapient Canada. He worked to streamline process and procedures that had positive impacts towards the company and client efforts — for Cyberplex this included working towards a successful initial public offering (IPO), where he continued to lead the design departments success for a respectful nine years.

Classically trained in Advertising and Graphic Design; Alex's authenticity and experience is 100% woven and permeable to input. He believes authenticity and integrity are his super powers and hopes to use them to advance business, cultures and individual success.