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...from the team

Alex is one of those rare creative individuals who is strong across the spectrum: He's full of smart, creative ideas, he is a very strong leader who nurtures his team members while still demanding high quality, and he has an unbridled drive to get the job done. Alex can thrive in even the most dysfunctional environments--from the most disorganized to the most staunchly restrictive. Just imagine what he could achieve in a healthy environment.

Ben Feist Digital Agency Leader. NASA researcher studying mission data organization and visualization.

In short, Alex is priceless. He has travelled to my country on many occasions over the course of 8 years and has been outstanding with his customer diplomacy and strategic contributions. He is a true innovator, a change agent and an influential leader. I'm honoured to have worked with him; and I am very grateful for his lessons and various levels of thoughtfulness.

Xiaohang (Shawn) Ma Vice-President of Hisense Multimedia Group

... Alex is a rare breed that combines a strong mixture of leadership, innovative design, and business sense. And all of these come without the expense of high quality work and on time delivery! I had the opportunity to witness this from working directly with Alex at Jamdeo. We worked on many highly aggressive, ambiguous, and challenging programs, while delivering to a customer half way across the world. Alex's dedication and on-point insights contributed tremendously to the successful completion of these programs. Furthermore, his unrelenting work ethics also served as an example for everyone on his team and the rest of the company to follow. Alex is a definite asset to any organization ...

Marco Lee Manager, Program Management Office at Jamdeo (Flextronics & Hisense Joint Venture)

I worked with Alex at Flextronics during 2010-2011 on a ambitious and forward-thinking 3-in-1 smartphone, the Imerj. The device was a dual-screen phone that could be unfolded into a tablet-like form factor, and even transformed into a laptop or desktop experience in real time. While I did not work directly under Alex, we were part of the same design team and interacted constantly. Alex was in charge of art direction, while I was an interaction designer. Together, we worked on the overall user experience of the device across all its various forms. Alex demonstrated superb design skills, being able to see through the vision for the look-and-feel of the device while managing a team of visual designers. He was also highly capable in marketing. What impressed me to most, however, was Alex’s excellent soft skills. He was masterful in enabling people to give their best, guiding and helping whenever necessary, clearing roadblocks along the way. Diplomatic but extremely sharp, Alex is at his best in a supervisory role. His gentle but firm management style felt very contemporary, seemed very natural, and resonated with everybody working for and with him. All this, coupled with Alex’s long work experience, makes for an excellent combo that is hard to come by.

Martin Gimpl Senior Interaction Designer, Rovio Entertainment Ltd.

Writing a few short sentences to try and communicate how valuable Alex was to Sapient is like teaching to breakdance over email, but I'll try. Alex is one of the most brilliant, creative individuals I've met during my career. He truly leads by example in his organized, yet innovative creative thinking, and was a huge inspiration to all of us. He is a caring, and thoughtful mentor, who really takes the time to get to know an individual's strengths, and weaknesses, and help them grow in their careers. Working and traveling with Alex, he brought fun, creativity, perfection, dedication, leadership and heart to his projects, and amazed both his peers and his clients every step of the way. He is a HUGE asset to any team.

Amy Shea UX Lead, Partner Channels - Shopify

I have worked with Alex for 3+ years. He is an outstanding contributor to any project. I know that when I am working with Alex, he will be reliable, thorough, insightful, intensely dedicated and an inspiration to the team. The results that Alex drives for our clients are nothing short of outstanding. I am always thrilled when I am paired with Alex to work on any project.

Meredith McLean Digital Transformation Lead & Digital Operations Lead, Accenture

Alex is a true creative and design leader in its purest form, besides all his excellent skills, he is without a doubt a key stone in any organization. His leadership and expertise will constantly guide everyone in the right direction. Without any doubt, he is a trusted source and the one I want in my team.

Salvador Soto Industrial Designer

I have the absolute pleasure of working with Alex for 6 years and found him to be one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and patient leaders in UX design. He possesses the powerful ability to transition between company strategic plays and tactical project activities. No job is too big or too small for Alex. He can lead a large design team, but also apply interaction, creative and design sense to any medium in little time. Alex approaches both people and business with a diplomatic mindset, and is extremely detail oriented and holds a high bar for his work. He is a person who makes a difference at so many levels. Alex provides high value to any organization.

Fuqu Wu Senior UX Designer, Amazon

Alex is a gifted designer who truly "gets" product design - both on the pixel-perfect, detail level and in the big picture that goes along with it. In my time working with Alex I was continually amazed at his ability to deliver compelling designs that served to delight users across a spectrum of products that tended to break the mold. While the quality of Alex's design work is unsurpassed, I think what makes him truly valuable to any team is his ability to both lead and effectively mentor various levels of designers under him. His ability to inspire, motivate and challenge executives and functional disciplines in the delivery of their collective work is an amazing thing to witness.

Todd Lee Senior Software Engineer, Google

Most people hate computers and software because it makes them feel uncomfortable. The people who write such software rarely give consideration to how the software will render and how users will interact and experience the software. Too frequently, little thought is given to the understanding how the users' goals will affect software product features and functions. Alex stands out because he genuinely cares about the design business; specifically, product related journeys that involve both user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design. He empathically understands what makes people tick and can anticipate their goals and build solutions -- from the smallest mobile experience to a 10-foot experience, and everything in between.

As a software architect, I learned very much from working with Alex on several project engagements. I often watched as he transformed vague software requirements into a full set of user goals and software features that our team could convert into code. He always showed a unique ability to quickly anticipate clients' needs — showing a deep understanding of their business and -- somehow -- adopting the clients' industry language over the course of an engagement.

Alex's attention to detail, meticulous approach, and passion for his work is something that he managed to pass on to everyone in his department and the teams he worked with. I was especially impressed with Alex's ability to work with the most difficult clients, creating an easy-going and relaxed atmosphere where there was NO "us and them" culture -- just "WE".

For over a decade, I have sought his expertise and he never failed to impress. I would strongly recommend him to any organization that wants to infuse some heart and soul in their products (and their teams).

Hugo Bernier Senior Consultant, Microsoft Enterprise Architecture

Alex brings creativity, vision, and an unrelenting work ethic to the table each and every day. He is one of Toronto's "founding fathers" of web design and has the portfolio to prove it. I have known Alex since the earliest days of the web and I can tell you it is always a great experience to work alongside him and share his enthusiasm for life and work.

Dave Lougheed VP Experience Design, Klick