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In no specific order, when it comes to soft skills, I believe to consistantly demonstrate, openess to feedback, self-discipline, empathy, adaptability, efficiency and diligence.

I tend to believe:
  • Self-discipline is achievement
  • Biasing towards action decreases ambiguaty
  • Humanity and probability are minute by minute designer inputs
  • Pivoting is normal and part of greatness
  • You can't work smart without working hard
  • Attentiveness creates stability
  • Imagination will always lead towards innovation
  • Integrity in and integrity out
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    My applied hard-skills account for various industry design tools, strategic thought, people management and creativity.

    I believe in design systems and understand the need for flexibility. Whether it applies to product design or company business, a system provides the structure and levers to manage and prevent ambiguity.
    Hard skills worth mentioning:
  • Exploring and setting design direction with open dialog
  • Purging and structuring design intent with product features and business goals
  • Remaining flexible and adaptable with design and system integretity
  • Testing and streamlining Design Toolkits to form strategic product vessels
  • First-hand innovation, creation and productization
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