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Management & Operations

My work environments call for strong leadership and I'm not shy to wear any hat. In my career, I've had to formally and informally take-on many roles to bridge and close gaps. Regardless of role, I've been known to successfully prescribe better direction, better policies and clarify constraints to benefit both company and employees.

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Computer Literacy

To showcase, compromise, innovate or facilitate decision making, tools like PowerPoint, Excel, Word, ultimately are the vessels that lead to final design transformations. I'm proficient with these tools and other business tools like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Slack, Confluence, VPN and or Perforce (P4V); plus a little intermidiate knowledge of CSS/HTML also never hurts.

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Creative explorations, design approaches, interaction patterns, program requirements, budget constraints, business sales and decisions... all can expose a variety of risk. I leverage my intrinsic creativity to assist with the management of risk. Creativity resides in the oddest of places and extracting it to live outside of user journeys and marketing, is simply good for business.

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Design Toolkits

With the various toolkits in the design marketplace, I'm experienced and profficient with Sketch and the majority of Adobe's Creative Studio. Leasure tools of interest are Atom, Zeplin and Adobes XD applications.

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Structure & Flexibility

I believe in systems and understand the need for flexibility. Whether its for company business or for product design, a structured system is easier to tune and control without having to dismantle the foundation. On the flip side, flexibility is necessary and although it can challenge the system, new system bounderies can be redefined to increase the integrity of the system. As a company leader, I believe in the impoertance to diverge and converge with structure and flexibility in mind; and ultimately work towards the best system possible.

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